About us:

Spalding Audio was started in 1992 by licensed broadcast engineer, Mark Spalding. Mark has over 40 years as a professional in the audio engineering field working as a recording engineer, live sound engineer, electronics tech and he's designed and built over 100 broadcast studios across the country. Mark created Spalding Audio as a shop for people to have their pro audio gear repaired locally by experienced audio engineers and techs. We have become the premier pro audio repair shop in Central Illinois, repairing over 10,000 pieces of gear since starting in 1992. 

In 2015, Spalding Audio invested in a pro level PA and lighting system and is now providing production services for live events. Mark's son, Jake, joined the company in 2015 and is responsible for the audio duplication services, transferring old records and audio tapes to computer files. Jake also helps out with the live production and recording services.

                              Spalding Audio specializes in tube and vintage amp repairs

We are the factory authorized warranty center for the following manufacturers:


                                BAD CAT COUGAR                                        BLACKSTAR

                                CREST                                                                     DIEZEL AMPS 

                                DIGI TECH                                                            DOD

                                EDEN                                                                        EVH

                                FENDER ​                                                                 GENZ-BENZ

                                GRETSCH​                                                               KORG

                                KUSTOM                                                                MARSHALL

                                PEAVEY                                                                  POWERWORKS

                                RANDALL                                                              ROLAND

                                SWR                                                                          TRACE ELLIOT

                                WARWICK AMPLIFICATION                  YAMAHA​​